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Diamante Records proudly presents the third artist compilation featuring new tracks from vibrant Chilean producers Pablo R. Ruiz, Johano, No Model as E.S.S.D., Daniel Klauser, Neon90, Nabucodonosor and TFried. Two local producers, VNZO and 49hrtz, are also being welcomed to the label with their debut singles.

These 9 fearless tracks, presented in digital format for our 12th release are a representation of the existing Chilean scene where DJs and producers are constantly challenging themselves and influencing one another, proving productions that are still fun and refreshing.

Cover photo by Fabio Sepulveda
Digital Release: August 14th
01 – Pablo R. Ruiz – Sin Name
02 – Johano – Negative Return
03 – E.S.S.D. – 05488
04 – Daniel Klauser – Dance to This
05 – VNZO – Tape Uno
06 – Neon90 – FYR
07 – 49hrtz – Astrk
08 – Nabucodonosor – F&T
09 – TFried – Wash It